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Dear Betty,

On behalf of the United Way, the women our agencies serve, and the three thousand people in the audience at Roy Thomson Hall on Monday night - thank you! You are an extraordinary speaker, and you held everyone riveted by your words, dazzled by your wit, and stimulated by the issues you raised.

Certainly, by bringing your experiences to a broader public in such a meaningful way, you have made it easier for thousands of people to cope. Your clear-sightedness and frankness made for a powerful evening. And, while having read your books, we were expecting intelligence and humour, you captivated us, as well, by your charm and warmth.

We've had nothing but praise - and lots of it - for your speaking engagement. People will be talking about that special evening with Betty Rollin for a long time to come.


Anne Golden
United Way of Greater Toronto

Ms. Pamela A. Reed
Berkshire Speakers Bureau, Inc.

Dear Pam,

You really provided us with a winner in Betty Rollin, who spoke at our Volunteer Leadership Kickoff in Orlando in September. She was absolutely marvelous.

Our attendees were asked to fill out an evaluation form following the Kickoff. On this form attendees were asked to rate our speakers on a 1 to 4 point system, with 4 being the highest. 95% gave Betty Rollin a "4" rating. In the past five years, this is the highest rating any speaker has achieved.

Some of the members of our Planning Committee had expressed concerns that her presentation regarding her physical and emotional battle with radical mastectomies might be too heavy. All of the attendees were pretty well braced for some heavy moments when Betty was introduced.

But after our ovation, her first words were, "Gee, I never got that kind of welcome when I had breasts." From that point on she had the full attention of the audience.

Betty's presentation was well-rounded, i.e., it included sharing, learning, interaction, laughing, crying, and hoping. What more could you ask for in a presentation about Breast Cancer and Survivorship? It was absolutely perfect for our opening General Session.

On behalf of the volunteers and staff of the Florida Division of the American Cancer Society, I would like once again to thank you for recruiting Betty for us. We certainly recommend her to any group that is looking for a speaker who can keep them on a roller coaster. Whe certainly achieved this in her talk about breast cancer for us.


Dorothy D. Green
Director of Meetings and Travel
The American Cancer Society, Florida


I just wanted to let you know what a hit Betty was here at our inaugural "Cure Breast Cancer for ME" lunch. The crowd of 600 loved her. She was funny, poignant and refreshing all at the same time. This group ran the gamut from 18-80 years old, and Betty was hitting all their hot buttons. It was amazing that she could relate to such a spectrum.

And she plugged NBC and WCSH 6 beautifully.

Thanks for the help on getting her lined up. She did us all proud. I'm going to recommend her to all the Gannett GMs for similar events.


Steve Thaxton
President/General Manager
Portland, Maine

Dear Ms. Rollin,

Thank you for your outstanding presentation at the Joint Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital's annual Obstetric, Gynecological and Neonatal Conference.

You were successfully able to communicate to health care providers what we can do better to understand and support women and their families when a tragic health problem has been diagnosed. You helped us to know that although tradgedy has hit we must keep a sense of humor. I marvel that you can laugh at your health situation.

Thank you for sharing your insights about health care with us. Your views certainly made an impact on the medical and nursing staff. Thanks once again.


Martha A. Hang, MPA, RN, CNA
Director Women's and Newborn Health
Brigham and Women's Hospital

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