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Availability: Generally available with notice

Previous speaking: Women's groups, fundraisers, medical groups, business groups



The Bright Side
Based on Ms. Rollin's new book, Here's the Bright Side (of Failure, Fear, Cancer, Divorce and Other Bum Raps.)

The Bright Side of Breast Cancer
A factual, funny and uplifting talk about what Ms. Rollin has learned from the experience of having cancer and about progress that has been made to treat the disease.

Making the Best of the Worst
Turning life's disasters around (includes illness).
We'd of course prefer awful things didn't happen to us, but when they do, there are ways to turn them around.

What Patients Want
(a talk designed for physicians, medical students and nurses)
What we patients want in terms of care, compassion and manners! If the news is bad, how we like it delivered.

Death and Dying
End of life decisions. Should physician-assisted suicide be an option?